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Causes of Lupus

  • What causes lupus? +

    The exact cause of lupus is unknown. It is likely to be due to a combination of factors. For example, Read More
  • Is it hereditary? +

    We suspect (but do not have scientific proof) that people inherit something from their parents that predisposes them to develop Read More
  • Can I have my children tested? +

    Testing isn't advisable in individuals who do not have symptoms. Read More
  • What can trigger lupus? +

    It is believed that certain things may trigger the onset of lupus or cause lupus to flare. Trigger factors include: Read More
  • Is lupus stress related? +

    We do not know for certain. There are many anecdotal reports (personal accounts) of lupus flaring during or after a Read More
  • Are flares related to hormones? +

    We do not know for sure. There are many anecdotal reports (personal accounts) of lupus flaring with pregnancy, the menstrual Read More
  • Are there any medications people with lupus should avoid? +

    There are no absolute contraindications to needed and appropriate medications for a person with systemic lupus. Your doctor should watch Read More
  • Does lupus occur more often in certain geographical areas +

    No. Read More
  • Can something in your diet cause lupus? +

    We do not believe so. Read More
  • Is there any truth to the claims being circulated on the Internet that lupus is caused by the artificial sweetener, aspartame? +

    We are aware there is an email message circulating on the Internet warning individuals with lupus about dangers associated with Read More
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